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March 29th, 2006

06:40 pm: Ok, so it's been forever since I last updated this beast. Wow....so much as happened. I mean, literally. So much has happened lately that I can't even remember all of it. I'm getting so old.

So in the latest news; For those of you who haven't heard, Me, tiffany, and Jacie were all supposed to go to The Rascal Flatts concert down here. Yeah, I know! Rascal Flatts! We had our tickets and everything. So we all go out to dinner, see hot mike (the really hot waiter at Chili's) and head to the concert. We got there, got t-shirts, and sat down. We took random pictures of ourselves and patiently awaited the concert to begin. Well the first act, Jason Aldean, came on. Pretty good show. Then the 2nd act comes on. Blake Shelton. Really good show. Gets us all pumped up. Then two radio DJ's come out and tell us "sorry guys, Gary (the lead singer) has bronchitus and won't be able to sing tonight. But hold onto your tickets and they will reschedule." Well, they announced today..."yeah, concert's completly cancelled. You can get you money back if you want it" So, that really bites.

But other than that.....life is good. Really good. :-D

I'll try and write more soon.


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January 8th, 2006

04:50 pm: Ouch...
So last night was a blast. Had soooo much fun dancing with Tiff and everyone. Best adult party I've ever been to. Then we went back to the Hopkins to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Pretty good movie. Not as good as everyone said is was going to be, but, it was still pretty good.

I'm pretty sore today from last night. I think i'm going to be lazy today. Yep, definitly. lol.

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January 2nd, 2006

09:51 pm: Agh!!
Why does there have to be school tomorrow? I was just beginning to actually feel like I was on vacation and out of nowhere...poof. School time again. Why?!?

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January 1st, 2006

04:30 pm: New Years Eve...
Ok so here's how we kicked off the New Year...

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December 30th, 2005

01:22 pm: My year......
Everyone's doing it so...
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December 27th, 2005

08:29 pm: Quicky Update...
Ok, so been grounded for a while now. Only allowed on for a few so here's a quicky.....

Where to start? hmm...

Birthday rocked. Had lots of fun at my party. Got some good stuff. Did the Nsync rituals. LOL.

Exams went pretty good. Only one I'm a little concerned about is Physics but other than that I feel good about the rest of them. The band exam was fun. Got to hang with Shanna. Hehe Interesting. LOL.

Christmas: Went pretty well. Kinda sucked cuz it was my first one without the grandparents and the only communication I had with them was a 10 min phone conversation. But got lots of stuff. A lot of cute clothes, a couple purses, some cd's (Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Simple Plan, Green Day), DVD's, Shoes, Jewlery, a digital camera (pretty sweet), a portable dvd player, and some other stuff. Overall, it was pretty good. Heather made me a spatula person. Really cute! LOL.

Vacation's going ok. I'm kinda bored. I kinda want to go back to school just so that there's something to do but I'm definitly enjoying the sleep. It feels so good to sleep in.

Gotta finish my book for Ragland.

I want to redo my room. I think it needs a change. We'll see.

Shanna: I love you. I just checked my Voicemail, and you have got to be the biggest dork alive. LOL. MAMASITA.....Donde esta Lindsey??? What it that?? LOL.

New Years should be fun. Same people, more fun. Can't wait.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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November 1st, 2005

04:26 pm: Ya know what I love???
I Love when it's barely raining, not pouring, but a light rain and you can sit in your room doing your homework with the window open and just listen to the rain falling. That is the most relaxing feeling in the world. Wow.

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October 30th, 2005

04:22 pm: This weekend......
A - You cause a lot of trouble.
B - You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C - You definitely have a partier side in you, and arent shy to show it
D - You have trouble trusting people.
E - You are a very exciting person.
F - Everyone loves you.
G - You are very friendly and undestanding
H - You are not judgmental
I - Love is something you deeply believe in
J - Jealousy
K - You like to try new things.
L - You are always smiling and making others smile.
M - Success comes easily to you.
N - You like to work, but you always want a break.
O - You are very open-minded.
P - You are very friendly and undestanding
Q - You are a hypocrite.
R - You are a social butterfly.
S - You like your privacy.
T - You have an attitude, a big one.
U - You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V - You have a very good physique and looks.
W - You are very broad minded.
X - You never let people tell you what to do.
Y - You can be quiet when you have something on your mind.
Z - You're always fighting with someone


L - You are always smiling and making others smile.
I - Love is something you deeply believe in
N - You like to work, but you always want a break.
D - You have trouble trusting people.
S - You like your privacy.
E - You are a very exciting person.
Y - You can be quiet when you have something on your mind.

Pretty accurate. That's nifty.


In other news...school starts back up tomorrow. Bleh. Really don't want to go back. It's been so weird without it. I've had nothing to do. But I got to sleep so that was awesome!

Haunted Hike tonight. Me, Mommy, and Joshie. Should be fun. This'll be like the 7th year we've all gone together. Next years going to be awkward with josh gone. :o(

Band mini camp things were really good. We needed them. But I gotta tell ya, my legs were killing me. Gah! That was really painful.

Game was fun. Bright, but fun. Saw tyler from fort. myers. He still calls me plaster. LOL. Good times.

Went out yesterday with the Hopkins for mommy's b-day. Went to Sakura's for dinner. Had fun. The guy did that huge flame thing

Me:"Tiffany back up!"
Thomas:"I never have to shave again"

LOL. Wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to mom in Japenese but Forgot. Darnit! Then we went back to their house and had Oreo pie. Yummy! :-P Then watched Tommy Boy. Never seen it but it was funny.

Later people!


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October 26th, 2005

05:15 pm: Gah!
So I guess tomorrow we have practice. I couldn't go to the meeting today cuz i was working. Bleh. I have no idea how I'm getting to practice. Can anyone please pick me up? I would love you forever!! I can't wait until March when I get my license.

So no Comp. That sucks butt.

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